i-teach : Irish Flute, Tin Whistle & Bodhrán Lessons Online

One of my passions is playing and teaching Irish traditional music on the Irish flute and tin whistle. This passion took me and my wife Deborah to live in Ireland in 05/06 while I earned my masters degree in Irish traditional music performance on the Irish flute from the University of Limerick. My online training library is the brainchild of a thought I had while living there.

Most of us don't have the luxury of living down the road from an excellent Irish flute or tin whistle instructor. It's one thing if you live in Ireland, New York, Boston or Chicago; if you live in the Netherlands or North Carolina, you're mostly out of luck. My online training library bridges the gap by bringing my personal instruction to you through this website.

Student Benefits

  • Video Lessons Centered Around a New Tune Each Week
  • Tunes Taught Both With & Without Ornamentation
  • Video Lessons Split into Multiple Chapters to Aid in Learning
  • Tunes Taught Phrase by Phrase to Learn by Ear
  • Sheet Music Available in .pdf Format
  • .mp3 Files Available for Each Tune
  • WhistleAndDrum.com Student Discount
  • Beginning Courses for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute
  • Extensive & Growing Technique Libraries
  • My Personal Support :)
  • Student Forums
  • Your Suggestions Help to Shape Future Lessons!
  • Optional Personal Video Assessments


Peter Purvis, Gaelic Storm

Blayne Chastain’s Irish whistle and Flute online tuition is the best I have seen yet. It allows you to learn at your own pace so it's great for people of all skill levels. The videos are easy and fun to play along with. It’s like being at a real lesson. If you don’t have any really good teachers close by or just can’t afford those expensive lessons, then this is 100% what you want.

Bryan Duggan, Tunepal.org

Blayne's website is a great resource for beginners and improvers on Irish flute and tin whistle. It covers the fundamental principals of good musicianship that will benefit your playing for years to come. Even as an experienced flute player of many years I found exercises that helped me develop my tone and breathing. The fact that the material is online and easily accessible means that you can take things at your own pace and go back to the parts you need to work on as often as you need. There is a lovely selection of tunes available slowed down and decomposed so that anyone can understand the techniques.

Gene Milligan Milligan Irish Whistles

In about a month I've learned tin whistle technique, ornamentation and many Irish tunes. Blayne's method is really easy to follow. Just watch a video as he plays a tune at slow pace and follow with your own flute/tin whistle until you memorize it. He also provides downloadable MP3 music files and music sheets. I'm thrilled to be part of Blayne's class and will recommend it to anyone seriously interested in playing the Irish flute or tin whistle.

Lauraileen O'Connor, Maryland

The i-teach tin whistle and the Irish flute courses are fabulous! The online lessons are far and away beyond a static DVD course — it feels like I have a teacher live in my house with me! I am basically self-taught on the tin whistle and the Irish flute. I had been considering taking some lessons but the $50+ per lesson was a bit steep. So, I struggled along on my own, developing bad habits and technique — until I found the i-teach online lessons! I especially like the easy navigation through the lessons, the clear and concise explanations, and the wonderful library of tunes (growing every week!). Blayne video-teaches part by part. Thanks, Blayne!!!

Free Lesson Sign-Up

I've also developed free foundational courses for those of you just picking up the Irish flute and tin whistle for the first time. Sign up here to access them now!

Boy, was I delighted when I received your e-mail with the fantastic link, the lessons and demos. I had just about bottomed out - not to mention all the money I spent on flutes - until I received your e-mail. Your lessons are terrific for beginners; I threw out everything I believed I knew, and followed your instructions. I took off the flute head and practiced blowing into the embouchure in an effort to find the correct sound. After I became somewhat proficient at that, I put all the flute parts together and started from scratch. You know? The Dawning of the Day, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and so on. I’m not there yet, - far from it - but it’s amazing the difference in the quality of tone I’m getting by comparison to what I was getting before your couple of lessons. My wife isn’t complaining anymore, and more importantly, my dog, Clancy, isn’t howling.

Carnegie Hall, here I come; Matt Molloy, better look out. Anyway Blayne, I will be considering some tutoring from you when I feel I’m ready. Thanks a million for sharing the lessons with us poor unfortunate, frustrated, would-be flute players.

John Carrig, Freehold, New Jersey

The aim of my bodhrán course is to equip you with all the tools necessary to develop into a masterful player. While there are various ways to play the bodhrán, I teach the double-ended/Kerry method as it is the most popular and my primary playing style as well.

The great thing about learning via my online platform is that you can access my lessons anytime, anywhere. In person lessons are great - especially for feedback & critique; the nice thing about learning through this system is that you can pause, rewind and skip as needed so that you can progress at your own pace.

Student Benefits

  • Most Popular Kerry / Double Ended Style Taught
  • Step by Step Outline Based Format
  • Lessons Taught at an Easy Pace
  • Play Along with Myself and Fiddler Natalie Koob (Padilla)
  • Course Companion .PDF Included
  • iPhone/iPad Compatible Video
  • Pause/Rewind Lesson at Any Time
  • WhistleAndDrum.com Student Discount
  • Beginning to Advanced Topics
  • My Personal Support :)
  • Exclusive Student Forums
  • Your Comments Shape Future Lessons.

Current Topics Covered

  • Bodhrán & Tipper Types
  • Care & Tuning
  • Proper Hold & Striking
  • Basic to Advanced Reel Patterns
  • Basic to Advanced Jig Patterns
  • Left Hand Technique / Pitch Variatione
  • Open Tones
  • Triplets ( 15 Exercises! )
  • Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, Polkas & Slides
  • Fills
  • Rim Shots
  • Complementing the Tune
  • Session Etiquette
  • & More!

Coming soonish...