Was searching (last minute) for an offertory piece today for Palm Sunday (uh, tomorrow...). I found the lyrics to the old hymn "From Bethany, the Master" and paired it with some new duds.

For lyrics, mp3 and chord sheets go here:


Had a great time at this year's fly fishing trip with Saint Pat's. This year we fished the Big Thompson and had Kirk's Fly Shop put on a clinic for those new to the sport. Before putting together this short video I managed to catch 3 really nice browns. See you next year!

So stoked about my new bag that I just had to share. Why? you might ask... Well, Not only does it nicely fit my laptop & dslr camera (which it was designed for) but also my Irish flute & whistle! I'm please to share with you and recommend the Unica VII by Manfrotto. Street price is about $100 bucks.

Really proud of our local pub, Patrick's Irish Pub for winning the Best Local Bar award in the Greeley Tribune's 2011 Hot Picks. More specifically, proud of my friend Greg Farnsworth who had a vision to make a great place for folks to get together, enjoy great beer with great friends and not to mention, great music! The results are in Greg! Thanks for taking the risk.

We have our own custom hymnal at St. Pat's, the church where I serve as music director. It's been a while since I've added new hymns but I've been recently inspired to do so. One such hymn is "Lo He Comes" rewritten by my friend Zac Hicks from Denver. If you haven't heard it or his other hymn rewrites, check them out!

Natalie Padilla, Peter Romero & I will be going into the studio next month to record our debut trad album "Fiddle & Flute". We've raised enough to get the tracking but need your help to bring it in for a landing! We're calling on friends, family, peers, supporters, enemies, extinct animal species, etc... to help via KickStarter.com Check the video / link below for more info...


Doing a bit of digging on the origin of the tune "The Messenger" I found this nice clip of Randal Bays & Dave Marshall. The Messenger is the second tune in the set was composed by Joel Bernstein.

Great coverage of the 2010 World F3J Championship in France. Some of you know that I fly RC Sailplanes. This vid does a stellar job of giving you a better picture of what it's all about.

Pianist & composer friend Peter Romero and I just finished writing our first book together!

Emerald Duets: Christmas, vol. 1
15 classic Christmas carols arranged for 2 melody instruments, guitar and piano.

The arrangements are suitable for the D tin whistle, Irish flute, or your favorite melody instrument. The melodies can be played solo or with the accompanying harmonies. The book contains fully scored piano accompaniments and guitar parts with chord names and fretboard symbols. It is currently available for download as an eBook, and includes audio tracks of each carol for you to learn from and enjoy.


Over the past year I've received a few requests to provide tablature with the sheet music I provide with my lessons. In the past when I've done this - as in my foundational Irish flute and tin whistle courses - I would have to crack open Adobe Illustrator and import my sheet music into that... The end result looked great but the process was time consuming!

So that I might be able to better meet the needs of students who don't read music notation and are on the front end of learning by ear, I designed "Tin Whistle Tab" font with the help of type designer & engineer Silas Dilworth. Then, to make the process of adding the tab to my scores quick and painless, new friend & Sibelius ninja Bob Zawalich stepped in and created a plugin called "Tin Whistle Fingering".

Bob and I decided to make both the font and Sibelius plugin available free of charge. Enjoy!

Download Tin Whistle Tab Font

Download Sibelius Plugin "Tin Whistle Fingering"

Doing a bit of research on a tune this morning I found this video posted by "clarebannerman" on YouTube. Fantastic that this sort of footage is so easily accessible these days. Notables in the video include Junior Crehan, Michael Falsey, Jimmy Ward & Seamus Connolly.

For more great vids, checkout "clarebannerman's" channel.

I've put up a few of my hymn rewrites on YouTube. Cool thing about this is that from time to type other folks and fellow hymn writers like Jason here say hi. Jason's YouTube channel is called Bathtub Worship 'cause he records his new rewrites in his bathroom - i guess 'cause it sounds good :) Checkout "There is Power in the Blood" here and then cruise over to his YouTube channel by clicking here. Jason and Kristin - you rock my face off! Thanks for sharing.